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Table 4 Analysis on the use of different energy resources

From: Energy and CO2 management for chemical and related industries: issues, opportunities and challenges

Source of energy Electrical power Sugarcane bagasse# Solar thermal power
Process Electric heating boiler Direct heating Electric heating boiler
Efficiency of the process: 90% 70% 90%
Total power required (kW) 199 256 199
Amount of fuel/solar energy required (kW) 663* 256 925.6**
Calorific value of fuel Coal&: 15830 kJ/kg 16,450 kJ/kg
Amount of fuel required 150.7 kg/h 56.02 kg/h  
Amount of CO2 released 150.6 kg/h 91.4 kg/h  
Total solar collector field area    4547 m2
  1. * 30% efficiency for coal fired power plant (Suresh, et al. [79]); ** 21.5% efficiency for solar power plant (Reddy, et al [80]); & Coal properties (Suresh, et al [79]); # Biomass properties (Xie, et al [81])