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Table 2 Nominal parameter values in NTP and NTP-TL models of the NIFTE

From: Optimization-based investigations of a two-phase thermofluidic oscillator for low-grade heat conversion

Parameter Nominal value Units Parameter Nominal value Units
\(\hat {P}_{\text {th}}^{\text {max}}\) 1.37 A tl 8.03×107 \(\mathrm {kg\,m}^{-4}\,{s}^{-{3\over 2}}\)
K th 3.30×102 B tl 4.31 \(\mathrm {s}^{1\over 2}\)
R f 2.13×106 kg m−4 s−1 R tl,0 3.15×107 kg m−4 s−1
R l 4.08×106 kg m−4 s−1 R tl,1 8.82×106 kg m−4 s−1
R th 5.02×108 kg m−4 s−1 R tl,2 1.72×107 kg m−4 s−1
L d 1.80×105 kg m−4 R tl,3 3.83×107 kg m−4 s−1
L f 4.74×106 kg m−4 R tl,4 2.81×108 kg m−4 s−1
L l 1.27×107 kg m−4 C tl,1 8.61×10−10 m4 s2 kg−1
L p 3.77×105 kg m−4 C tl,2 5.95×10−9 m4 s2 kg−1
C ad 1.76×10−9 m4 s2 kg−1 C tl,3 1.79×10−8 m4 s2 kg−1
C d 7.35×10−8 m4 s2 kg−1 C tl,4 2.66×10−8 m4 s2 kg−1
C p 7.43×10−8 m4 s2 kg−1 P 1.013×105 Pa
τ 5.00 s U 8.00×10−4 m3 s−1
  1. Values of parameters not associated with thermal loss are in accordance with Ref. [25]; while those of parameters associated with thermal loss are estimated by fitting thermal loss impedance with isothermal boundary conditions using fourth-order RC circuits