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Table 1 Technology options available for performing the tasks listed in the three separation stages. Abbreviations for the technologies are shown in parentheses

From: Synthesis and analysis of separation processes for extracellular chemicals generated from microbial conversions

Tasks Technologies
Pretreatment Flocculation (Flc)
Cell removal and product isolation Sedimentation (Sdm), filtration (Ftt), centrifugation (Cnt), flotation (Flt), membranes (Mbr- MF [microfiltration], UF [ultrafiltration], and RO [reverse osmosis])
Phase isolation (product rich phase formation) Differential digestion (Ddg), solubilization (Slb)
Concentration Extraction (Ext), aqueous two phase extraction (Atpe), evaporation (Evp), precipitation (Prc), sedimentation (Sdm), filtration (Ftt), centrifugation (Cnt), membranes (MF, UF, NF (nanofiltration), RO), distillation (Dst)
Purification & refinement Adsorption (Ads), chromatography (Chr), crystallization (Crs), pervaporation (Pvp), membranes (Mbr-MF, UF, NF, RO), Drying (Dry), bleaching (Blc)