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Table 5 Parameters and financial assumptions for the techno-economic study

From: Economic feasibility of gasoline production from lignocellulosic wastes in Hong Kong

ItemsEstimation Assumption
Plant LocationHong Kong
Design Capacity100,00 kg of wood per batch
FeedstockAsh Wood
Main ProductsBio-gasoline
Capital CostCapital cost = FCI + working capital
Direct Cost (DC)
 Purchase Cost (PC)Listed Equipment Purchase Cost
 Unlisted Equipment Cost0.50 x PC
 Piping0.30 x PC
 Instrumentation0.40 x PC
 Insulation0.03 x PC
 Electrical Facilities0.10 x PC
 Buildings0.15 x PC
 Yard Improvement0.12 x PC
 Auxiliary Facilities0.25 x PC
Indirect Cost (IC)
 Engineering0.25 x DC
 Construction0.34 x DC
 Contractor’s Fee0.05 x (DC + IC)
 Contingency0.10 x (DC + IC)
 Fixed Capital Investment (FCI)FCI = DC + IC
 Working Capital0.08 x FCI
 Start-up cost5% DFC
 Annual operating costAnnual operating cost - total viable production costs + fixed charges + plant overhead
Total variable production costs
 Raw materialsFrom Mass Balance
 Labour-dependantHourly rate RMB ¥ 32.10
 Utilities costSteam: RMB ¥ 81/MT
 Steam (high P): RMB ¥ 94/MT
 CaCl2: RMB ¥ 530/MT
 Glycol: RMB ¥ 235/MT
 Freon: RMB ¥ 1.01/MT
 Std Power: RMB ¥ 0.82/MT
 Chemical Waste DisposalRMB ¥ 2984/MT
 Industrial Wastewater TreatmentRMB ¥ 502/MT (Sent offsite for treatment)
 TransportationFacility Owned Truck
 Quantity Dependant CostRMB ¥ 24.3/ m3
 Quantity and Distance Dependent CostRMB ¥ 0.25/ m3km
 Gas flaringRMB ¥ 60/MT
 Equipment Maintenance & Repair6% of DFC
 Laboratory cost for QC and QA15% of Total Labour Cost
Fixed charges
 Depreciation (10-year straight line)5% DFC
 Insurance0.1% DFC
 Local Taxes0.2% DFC
 Factory Expenses0.5% DFC
 Laboratory, Quality Control & Quality Assurance Cost10% TLC