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Table 8 Annual Revenue generated for Scenario I and Scenario II (the % indicates the respective contributions to the total revenue of the products)

From: Economic feasibility of gasoline production from lignocellulosic wastes in Hong Kong

ItemsScenario IScenario II
Biogasoline (main revenue RMB ¥)¥ 9,204,518/year25%   
Lignin (RMB ¥)¥ -¥ 3,696,000/year12%
Lignin Residue (RMB ¥)¥ 379,701/year1%¥ -
Xylose (RMB ¥)¥ 19,845,000/year53%¥ 19,845,000/year63%
Cellulose Pulp (RMB ¥)¥ 7,644,000/year21%¥ 7,644,000/year24%
Total Revenue (RMB ¥)¥ 37,073,219/year ¥ 31,458,000/year