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Table 2 Ultimate analysis of experimental papers reviewed in this study. The values are converted into wt% on a dry ash free (daf) basis

From: Resource recovery and waste-to-energy from wastewater sludge via thermochemical conversion technologies in support of circular economy: a comprehensive review

Study No.StudyCONSH
1Trinh et al. [39]60.0922.108.581.937.30
2Fonts et al. [40]47.1937.316.641.367.50
3Shen et al. [41]41.7847.384.301.145.40
4Alvarez et al. [42]40.6441.247.713.307.11
5Chen et al. [43]52.2929.137.652.508.44
6Chen et al. [44]53.7433.426.571.484.79
7Freda et al. [45]58.5629.454.560.007.42
8Lee et al. [46]48.4334.028.590.708.26
9aFonts et al. [47]47.4237.276.821.337.15
10Huang et al. [48]51.5831.418.780.008.22
11Xie et al. [49]53.2133.
12Zhou et al. [50]52.6132.066.860.008.47
13Calvo et al. [51]58.2923.679.021.777.25
14Qian et al. [52]51.5133.487.841.156.03
15Xu et al. [54]52.4825.589.014.967.97