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Table 3 Operating parameters and product distribution of pyrolysis papers that were reviewed. Only experimental papers which provided at least two of the table’s parameters are presented here

From: Resource recovery and waste-to-energy from wastewater sludge via thermochemical conversion technologies in support of circular economy: a comprehensive review

StudyFeed moisture content (wt%)Reactor typeOperating temp (°C)Gas yield (wt%)Bio-oil yield (wt%)Solid yield (wt%)
Trinh et al. [39]7.3Centrifuge425–62513–1926–5422–55
Fonts et al. [59]6.6Fluidized bed250–50031.749.219.7
Alvarez et al. [42]5.6Conical spouted bed450–600 45.4–48.5 
Shen et al. [41]3Fluidized bed300–600 30 
Huang et al. [48]11.79Microwave 25.5 
Xie et al. [49]4.53Microwave oven450–600 20.9 
Zhou et al. [50]Continuous fast microwave450–60011–2516.47–3932.98–62.26
Pedroza et al. [53]6Rotating cylinder500–60016–23.38–10.552.7–61.9
Fonts et al. [47]6.7Fluidized bed530255025
 5.3 530374617
 7.1 530275122
Park et al. [60]Fluidized bed450–4706.5–10.343.5–52.139.7–48.7