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Table 2 The condition in the reactor and the separation process

From: Systematic design of separation process for bioethanol production from corn stover

Type Condition
Pretreatment Type: Dilute acid
Agent: H2SO4
Acid loading: 18 mg/g biomass
Temperature: 158 °C
Pressure: 5.5 atm
Hydrolysis Temperature: 48 °C
Pressure: 1 atm
Fermentation Agent: z. mobilis bacterium
Temperature: 32 °C
Pressure: 1 atm
Beer column Number of stages: 32
Feed on stages: 4
Reflux ratio: 3
Rectification column Number of stages: 15
Feed on stages: 7
Reflux ratio: 2.5
Distillate rate: 530 kmol/hr