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Table 3 Overview of the uncertainty parameters

From: Superstructure-based process synthesis and economic assessment under uncertainty for solid drug product manufacturing

CategoryType of variableNumber of parameters used in the case study
Internal variables determined at later stages
 Dosage unit size and compositionContinuous9
 Number of PATs installedContinuous2
 Manufacturing spaceContinuous2
 Manufacturing rate in continuous technologyContinuous1
 Time related to production, cleaning, and testContinuous19
 Number of operatorsDiscrete21
 Number of lots in one campaign manufacturingDiscrete2
External variables given at later stages
 Raw material priceContinuous7
 Demand/required amountDiscrete6
 Man-hours of work in the maintenance of PAT per one PATContinuous1
 Disposal/HVAC costContinuous2
 Drug priceContinuous1
 Success/failure of clinical developmentCategorical1