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Table 8 Values of the parameters varied in what-if analyses

From: Superstructure-based process synthesis and economic assessment under uncertainty for solid drug product manufacturing

 Original value (left in Figs. 6 and 9)Value used in what-if analysis
Scenario 1 (Fig. 6)
 Manufacturing rate in continuous technology v [kg h− 1]25102519 (middle)
15 (right)
Scenario 2 (Fig. 9)
 Manufacturing rate in continuous technology v [kg h− 1]25102525 (middle & right)
 Loss amount due to shut-down operation \( {m}_{\mathrm{loss},\mathrm{shut}}^{\mathrm{continuous}} \) [kg lot−1]5.001.0020.02.50 (right)
 Loss amount due to start-up operation \( {m}_{\mathrm{loss},\mathrm{start}}^{\mathrm{continuous}} \) [kg lot−1]12.51.0020.06.25 (right)