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Towards Sustainable Process Supply Chains

New Content Item (1)"Process Supply Chains are complex macro-systems that assure the delivery of process-based products to end consumers. At the core of its operations, chemical process drive the transformation of raw materials into a diversity of products where the incorporation of innovative solutions is a constant to answer to market dynamics.  The delivery of customized products in the right quantity, time and at the right place while guaranteeing sustainable - economical; environmental and society - goals is to be pursued.  Being process supply chains highly dependent of natural resources, such dependency has to be dealt with. New business models have to be derived to design and operate efficient and agile sustainable supply chains – able to pact with resource scarcity through the development and implementation of solutions and practices that retain the value of products, materials and resources in the system, for as long as possible, while minimizing the generation of waste and the consumption of water and energy.

This context defies chemical process engineers with new challenges and opportunities. It is time to boost transitions towards sustainable process supply chains that will highly contribute to a better world."

Professor Ana Barbosa-Póvoa is an Editorial Advisor for BMC Chemical Engineering. View her profile.

Professor Jay H. Lee

Jay H. Lee"Chemical engineering has become a quintessential discipline of convergence.  Developments in chemistry/materials science, life science, and computer science are being fused into new commercial products and large-scale processes to produce them economically and sustainably, based on the traditional chemical engineering principles.  It is truly a “melting pot” of modern sciences and technologies.  In addition, feedstocks are becoming highly diverse as the industry is amidst the transition from petroleum based feedstocks to bio-based feedstocks and various waste streams (e.g., CO2).  Energy sources are also becoming diverse to include renewable ones.  Now the key concerns for chemicals manufacturing include “sustainability” in addition to economics.  Emergence of big data and AI-based technologies demand the manufacturing to become “smarter” utilizing more information and optimization.  Energy and environment stand as the greatest and most imminent challenges the humanity is facing.  These trends present the chemical engineers with new challenges as well as opportunities: It is indeed a golden opportune time for them to move in the frontline and lead the various societal changes needed for our long-term survival."

Professor Jay H. Lee is the founding Section Editor for the 'Plant design, management and control' section of BMC Chemical Engineering. 

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