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Table 1 Surface areas and pore volumes of Basolite C300 and nanocrystalline Cu3BTC2 computed based on the N2 physisorption at 77 K

From: Incorporation of Cu3BTC2 nanocrystals to increase the permeability of polymeric membranes in O2/N2 separation

Sample SBET[a] (m2/g) SLANG[a] (m2/g) Smicro[b] (m2/g) Vmicro[b] (cc/g) Vtotal[c] (cc/g)
Basolite C300 1438 1871 0.641 1387 0.699
Cu3BTC2 1425 1872 0.639 1374 0.715
  1. Note: [a] Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET) and Langmuir surface area were calculated based on P/Po = 0.05–0.2; [b] Micropore surface area and volume were calculated using the t-plot method, based on P/Po = 0.4–0.6; [c] Total pore volume was calculated at P/Po = 0.99