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Table 2 Intensification achieved in RPB for CO2 capture and absorbent regeneration compared to conventional packed columns

From: Process intensification technologies for CO2 capture and conversion – a review

AbsorbentConditionsPI AchievedRef.
MEA20–40 °C
1 atm
600–1000 rpm
• Reduction in absorber height of transfer unit by almost 13 times
• Enhanced mass transfer
• Stripper volume reduction
1 atm
• 96.8% height of transfer unit reduction[45]
1600 rpm
• 22.7% regeneration energy reduction using 40.8 wt% MEA. Different configuration of RPB with packed bed were investigated
• 1.5 times RPB volume reduction to achieve similar performance with packed bed column
• RPB in series have 10.5% lower regeneration energy and 20.6% higher treated gas compared to single RPB
Potassium sarcosine20–70 °C
1 atm
600–1400 rpm
• 2.6 times reduction in packing volume
• Possibility to treat large volume of flue gas within a smaller device
• 29 times increase in volumetric mass transfer coefficient
  1. DETA Diethylenetriamine, PZ Piperazine, DEG Diethylene glycol